Food News!

A New Menu Approaches!

We are very excited to share with you our new and improved menu experience here at Zulu’s Board Game Café! Our chef, Tony Jutt, has brought his own spin on classic tavern food that can keep you fueled during a great session of Dungeons and Dragons. As well as new dishes, meant to be shared with friends and family while you discover a new board game. On this menu, you’ll find local and seasonal ingredients for lunch, dinner, brunch, and late night; no matter when you’re adventuring, you’ll discover new culinary treasures to behold!



Adventurer's Course - start your campaign off right with local meats and cheeses


Mimic Meatballs - you may fail your Investigation check but these will still be delicious!


Hydra Strips - hand-battered chicken tenders that are viscously crunchy


Eolian Tavern-Style Pork Shank - one of our Feast Menu items that you may want to share


Champion Poutine - a Zulu's favorite, now with rich beef gravy and more Beecher's curds!


Rumblecusp Ahi Nachos - No Vokodo to spoil this amazing appetizer!


Lembas Brownie - One bite to fill your tummy, one bite to make you want another


Tasha's Mac n Cheese - a bubbling cauldron of cheesy goodness


Nocturnal Menu - Featuring the Shallow Grave Pudding and Cantrip Snack Mix you can only get during your late night adventures!



For more, check out menu at the link below!