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Games Workshop

Blood Bowl: Dungeon Bowl

Blood Bowl: Dungeon Bowl

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Inside this box, you'll find the following miniatures:

  • 14 College of Fire miniatures in orange plastic, featuring
    • 1x Ogre Blocker
    • 1x Ogre Runt Punter
    • 6x Gnoblars
    • 1x Dwarf Runner
    • 1x Dwarf Blitzer
    • 3x Dwarf Blocker Lineman
    • 1x Troll Slayer
  • 12 College of Shadows miniatures in purple plastic, featuring
    • 3x Skaven Clanrat Lineman
    • 1x Skaven Blitzer
    • 1x Skaven Thrower
    • 1x Gutter Runner
    • 3x Dark Elf Lineman
    • 1x Dark Elf Blitzer
    • 1x Dark Elf Runner
    • 1x Witch Elf
  • Dungeon Bowl furnishings comprising of 6x Chests, 6x Portals, and 1x Spiked Ball

In addition, you'll get:

  • A 104-page Rulebook stuffed with characterful Dungeon Bowl artwork, and all the rules you need to play the game, and rules covering exhibition and league games
  • 2x quick reference cheat sheets for easy rules checking
  • 2x Dungeon Bowl Dugouts for players to rest and recuperate in
  • 6x double-sided Token Boards to track various elements of the games on
  • 16x gorgeous and grim Dungeon Tiles you'll use to arrange your dungeon
  • 36x Dungeon Bowl Door Tokens to represent doors
  • 14x dice for use in games of Dungeon Bowl
  • 3x plastic templates for measuring range, direction, and ricochet

The rulebook included in this box features full team rosters - including featured races and team honors - for each of the eight Colleges of Magic:

  • The College of Fire
  • The College of Shadow
  • The College of Metal
  • The College of Light
  • The College of Death
  • The College of Life
  • The College of Beasts
  • The College of Heavens

*Games Workshop plastic miniatures are sold unpainted and will require assembly.

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