Burncycle: Deluxe Lore Portfolio

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A puzzly infiltration game for 1-4 players, Burncycle puts you in command of a team of robots in the far future. Their mission: taking down evil, human-run corporations responsible for subjugating AI under their heel. Your team arrives at each corporate headquarters and must sneak inside, shutting down the companies' physical operations as well as their circuitous digital networks. As you search rooms and advance to the higher floors, you'll be rewarded with new items and abilities, but you'll also be challenged by threatening guards, fatal viruses and the architecture itself, which was built to fight off robotic intruders.

You won't want to miss this collection of burncycle fiction, presented as a recruitment dossier given to a new bot joining the robot resistance! Featuring several short stories and lore pieces arranged in a booklet form and packaged in a deluxe case meant to look like a found object from the world of burncycle, the portfolio also comes with a special form of physical media with an interactive puzzle for intrepid players to solve.

Players: 1-4
Time: 45-180 Minutes
Age: 13+

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