CMON Comics Vol. 2: Android

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Enigmatic runner and cybercriminal Chaos Theory has one hour to hack into the most secure data system ever created and solve the mystery of her friends’ deaths. If she doesn’t reach the pinnacle of the digital “citadel” storing the knowledge she seeks in time, an assassin’s bullet will find her instead.

Based on the popular tabletop games, Android: Run the Citadel is a murder-mystery told in the grand tradition of “cyberpunk” science fiction from which it draws its roots.

The Android: Run the Citadel comic book Pre-Order Exclusive Promos bring characters from the Android Universe to be played with Zombicide: Invader.

5 Survivors
1 Abomination
1 Dinosaurus Bot
5 ID Cards
1 Equipment Card
6 Spawn Cards
1 Mission

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