Elden Ring: Erdtree Avatar Expansion


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Welcome to the Lands Between, a mysterious and otherworldly realm where the landscape is rich and varied. As you explore, you’ll build out a hex-based map of your surroundings, with unique locations to visit, resources to gather, NPC’s to interact with, and enemies to fight. Your progress is tracked by a narrative story that provides objectives as well as guidance on how to achieve them – and, depending on your decisions, alternative side-quests and emergent narrative to experience, too.

Will you best the Erdtree Avatar and Guardian warriors, devoted protectors of the Erdtree and its offspring? Their large swordspears and tendency to group up can make them tricky to defeat!

One of the more bizarre foes you’ll face in the Lands Between, the Erdtree Avatar looks like a large tree stump animated to a strange semblance of life. It lacks a head, but certainly has arms, wielding its large staff to devastating effect.

The Erdtree Avatar isn’t the only one of its kind — you’ll find them wherever there’s a Minor Erdtree, which they have sworn to protect. So, it’s safe to say this is an enemy you’ll encounter more than once during the course of your campaign!

Elden Ring: Erdtree Avatar Expansion

Players: 1-4
Time: 90-120 Minutes
Age: 14+

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