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Flesh and Blood: Everfest: 1st Ed Display Box

Flesh and Blood: Everfest: 1st Ed Display Box

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Release date: 4 Feb, 2022.
Here comes the new Flesh and Blood hotness from LSS: Everfest

Everfest is a supplementary booster set, designed to expand constructed with new cards for every hero in the game.

Within the bustling grounds of the Everfest carnival, all fashion of performers, peddlers, and frolicking fun is to be found. Will you find fun, fame, or good fortune in the carnival slot of your Everfest booster pack... or perhaps take center stage and become the star of the show?

1 Sealed Display Box, containing 24 Booster Packs, each with 10 random cards.

This is a 198 card set (1 Fabled, 3 Legendary, 45 Majestic, 61 Rares, 88 Commons) with Rainbow & Cold Foils.

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