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Genesis: Battle of Champions Beta Two Player Starter Set

Genesis: Battle of Champions Beta Two Player Starter Set

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Genesis: Battle of Champions ™ is a Tactical Collectable Card Game, which combines concepts from collectible card games such as deck building, collecting, and rule text on the cards, along with familiar concepts of tactical games.

Release: September 15th, 2018
In Genesis: Battle of Champions ™, you are a champion, a hero who is adept in powerful magic and physical combat. Other champions will challenge you to battles in an arena - mythical areas rich with magical energy called Aura. You’ll have to fight to protect your land, family, and friends or save your own life. Whatever your reason is, you must do whatever it takes to survive!


Beta Starter Kits have:

  1. All 8 Champion Cards

  2. 100 Affiliation Cards

  3. 44 Aura Cards

  4. 13 Tip Cards

  5. Top half of arena

  6. Bottom half of arena

  7. 12 Dice

  8. 10 Exert Shards

  9. Two Booster Packs

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