Genesis: Battle of Champions display box of Welcome to Jaelara

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Genesis: Battle of Champions ™ is a Tactical Collectable Card Game, which combines concepts from collectible card games such as deck building, collecting, and rule text on the cards, along with familiar concepts of tactical games.

Release: September 14, 2019

King Ammet has raised Vadhis to a mighty empire and now he has his eyes on the rest of Jaelara. With the power of the Angels behind him, his Champions and his partnership with Ajna, he is confident that he can bring the people of Vishud and Sahas under his rule.

Welcome to Jaelara has 135 cards with 28 cards per affiliation and 7 cards for Jaelara, that are available for all champions. The set includes the re-release of the original 8 champions: Idiris, Malik, Ra’Ha, Nubia, Kendra, Rayne, Feng, and Long. Each champion has new, featured artwork for them.

1 Sealed Booster Box (24 packs)
Non-Epic* packs: 1x Rare, 1x Starter/Tip card, 3x Uncommons, and 10x Commons
Epic* Packs: 1x Epic Rare, 1x Rare, 1x Starter/Tip Card, 3x Uncommons, and 9x Commons

*Epic rares appear in 1 in 8 packs and replace one of the common cards. Epics are full art versions of rare cards.

Set details from the publisher.

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