Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game: Kickstarter Exclusives Expansion: Vault Exclusive

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Kickstarter exclusives for the Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game. Includes Aloy, Talanah, and Shadow Carja Exile, as well as Narrative Encounters.

Narrative Encounters are a whole new cooperative game mode for the game, where two players can play a tabletop adaptation of either the Revenge of the Nora or Into the Borderlands quests from the Horizon Zero Dawn™ video game, playing as either Aloy, Varl, or Erend, each of whom come with their own bespoke equipment and action decks. 

To support this, the game also includes tiles with unique artwork, and enemy behaviour and reference cards for corrupted machines, as well as models for cultists and mercenaries. 

A word of warning here — please note that because this is an exclusive product that, at the time of its creation, was impossible to own without also owning the stretch goals from the Kickstarter, you’ll need a copy of not only Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game, but also the Sacred Lands and Forge and Hammer expansions to play these two quests respectively.

Also available from the vault: The Heart of Nora Expansion

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