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ISS Vanguard Kickstarter Pre-Orders

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Releases: Jun 30 2022

Preorder items are not yet available. The quantity available and "in stock" notations are the quantities we have available for advance order. If there are other items on the order, the entire order will not ship until all preorders release. Image, contents, and release date are subject to change.


*Pre-Order release date is subject to change.*

ISS Vanguard is a 1-4 player co-operative, campaign Board Game. It will bring players right into epic Sci-Fi adventure, as they will play as 4 sections (security, recon, science, engineering) onboard the first human ship with the possibility to reach outer space.

Players: 1-4
Time: 90-120
Age: 13+

Dreadnaught Pledge (Gameplay All-in) [retail]
This pledge includes ISS Vanguard Core Box, including all Stretch Goals and expansions from this campaign!

  • ISS Vanguard Core Box
  • ISS Vanguard Stretch Goal Box
  • Close Encounters Miniatures Expansion
  • ISS Vanguard Miniatures Stretch Goals
  • Personal Files Expansion
  • Deadly Frontiers Campaign

ISS Vanguard Core Pledge

  • ISS Vanguard Core Box
  • ISS Vanguard Stretch Goal Box

Section boxes

  • A set of four ornate hard plastic Section Boxes that hold all dice and cards of each Section. They replace the Section Trays built into the game's insert, making it easier for every player to reach and sort their cards and dice. If you'll be sleeving your cards, they'll fit in the boxes as well.

Section pets

  • Four section-themed alternative P.E.T models that you may use to replace a generic P.E.T design used in the base game. Please note: this expansion does not increase the amount of P.E.T robots you can have on the Planet Board at the same time.

    ISS Vanguard playmats

    • A set of four unique playmats to help organize the play space.
    • Each playmat will be at least 410x320 and stitched on the edges.

    ISS Vanguard Dice Upgrade

    • Dice replacement for standard dice found in Core Box and Stretch Goal Box
    • Over 70 high quality, two-color acrylic dice with “galaxy” effect.

    ISS Vanguard additional upgraded Dice set

    • This Addon adds new set of upgraded dice on top of standard game dice in your core box so you get 2 sets of dice (standard and upgraded) + additional dice bags. 

    ISS Vanguard Dice Tower

    • High-quality laser-cut wooden dice tower to help you with all those important rolls during planetary exploration!
    • The tower is covered in full print with amazing art prepared by our graphic designers.
    • Made from wood (HDF)