Marvel United: War of Kings


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Genetically mutated by the Terrigen Mist, the Inhumans are an offshoot of humanity, gifted with extraordinary abilities. As their king, Black Bolt, sought to unite the Inhumans and the Kree to bring peace and stability to their races, Emperor Vulcan of the Shi’ar Empire launched a treacherous assault, led by Gladiator, Praetor of the Imperial Guard, igniting an all-out war with the Inhuman royal family. It is up to the Inhumans to come together and put an end to the War of Kings before it ravages the galaxy!

This expansion brings the Inhumans into the fold of Marvel United! This royal group of Super Heroes will need to use the mutagenic properties of Terrigen Mist to its full potential in order to stop the onslaught of Emperor Vulcan and his Imperial Guard, led by the conflicted Gladiator.

Players: 1-5
Time: 40 Minutes
Age: 14+

*Requires base game to play

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