War & Write II

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War & Write is a light, strategic, "pen & paper", World War II wargame, simulating not only the European and Pacific theaters but also an alternate-history North and South American theater! 2 to 5 players lead Allied and Axis factions on 6 map configurations including an epic world map, where players play all the theaters at once!

Each of the 6 rounds represents a year in the war. Players secretly write down commands for their faction and then simultaneously reveal their plans. Did they reinforce more units, form diplomatic ties with neural countries, or move to a decisive battleground? While factions can fight over any territory, each game offers players decisive historical battlegrounds where the victor can win not only more units but more influence in the League of Nations.

Key locations have flags (such as Berlin, Tokyo, San Francisco, and London). Control a territory with flags and gain influence in the League of Nations. At the end of each round, the faction with the most influence in the League of Nations can swing victory in their favor.

Can the Allies survive the heavy assault of the Axis, push back hard enough in the last two years, and gain enough influence in the League of Nations to secure a victory for the Allies? Or can the Axis players alter history and lead their forces to global domination?

Advanced play includes unique technologies for each faction to explore. Use your Soviet spy network to assassinate diplomats. Unleash the wrath of V-rockets upon your enemies. Fly your squadron of Spitfires to victory. Or drop the bomb on a territory, wiping out all units and flags from the area.

Choose your tech. Write your orders. Prepare for war.

Players: 2-5
Time: 30-60 Minutes
Age: 8+

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