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Young Adventurers Online D&D Sessions

Young Adventurers Online D&D Sessions

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Zulu's hosts online Dungeons & Dragons sessions through zoom for anyone between the ages of 8-17. The campaigns are ongoing and meet up weekly.

A minimum of 1 session must be attended per week and the price changes based on the number of sessions played that week. $30 for 1 session per week, $25 for 2-4 sessions per week ($50-$100 per week), and $20 for 5 or more sessions per week ($100+ per week).

After purchasing this item, one of our 4 Dungeon Masters will contact you so that we can set up a one on one character creation session. Then your adventurer will take that character and enjoy the first session they play in. We will then be sending a weekly invoice based on how many times your adventurer plays every week.

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