Zombicide: The Boys: Character Packs

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Pack #1 includes 7 “Supes”. These superpowered Survivors each possess 2 Blue-level skills, including a unique and dangerous Ultimate skill. This box brings you Homelander, Queen Maeve, The Deep, Black Noir, Starlight, A-Train, and Soldier Boy, plus 7 ID Cards, 7 Ultimate Skill Reference Cards, and 1 Rules Leaflet.

    Pack #2 includes 4 regular Survivors, 2 “Supes”, and 1 Dog Companion. It even includes a Laser Baby equipment card to help The Boys™ out! This box brings you Billy Butcher, Hughie, Annie ‘Starlight’, Kimiko, Frenchie, Mother’s Milk, and Terror the Bulldog, plus 6 ID Cards, 2 Ultimate Skill Reference Cards, 1 Terror Equipment Card, 1 Laser Baby Equipment Card, and 1 Rules Leaflet.

    Pack #3 Bonus Pack! Supe Abominations. This pack includes cards and rules to use the Supes from Pack #1 as Abominations. You can even fight against Translucent (no mini required)! It includes an exclusive alternate sculpt of Homelander as Abomination, as well as Equipment cards for Compound V and Milk & Nuts, used to fight these Supes. This box brings you Homelander, 6 Compound V Equipment Cards, 6 Milk & Nuts Equipment Cards, 8 Abomination Cards, and 1 Rules Leaflet.

    *Requires Zombicide 2nd Edition to play.

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