GeekFest West Game Expo 2024

Zulu’s Board Game Cafe will be at GeekFest West, July 19th - 21st, in Everett! We will be running both Magic the Gathering events sponsored by Wizards of the Coast with an amazing prize wall as well as separate Star Wars events featuring the newest set.

If you participate in one of our events we have discounted 3 day badges available at checkout!

We'll be at Courtyard Seattle Everett Downtown - located at 3003 Colby Avenue, Everett, Washington 98201

All GeekFest Events

Magic the Gathering

With an artist’s alley of over a dozen Magic artists, GeekFest's Magic the Gathering space will be hosting events all weekend. Enjoy a beer garden run by Vulpine Taproom right outside, then head indoors into a post-apocalyptic themed space to play Magic and collect artists’ signatures!

We will also be hosting spellslinging learn-to-play all day and commander fire-on-demand, as space allows. Commander is available as both free-to-play and paid competitive with the chance for prize tickets.

Competitive events pay out in prize tickets which can be spent on at our prize wall for draft, play, and collector boosters, and more!

Attending Magic artists include: Alex Dos Diaz, Anthony S. Waters, April Prime, Brian Snoddy, Chuck Lukacs, Eric Deschamps, Evyn Fong, Jesper Myrfors, Julie Dillon, Julie Myrfors, Lena Richards, Mark Behm, Mark Brill, RK Post, and Tyler Jacobson.


Star Wars Unlimited

Our Star Wars Unlimited space will feature Shadows of the Galaxy prerelease events, plus drafts and a constructed 1k. Come learn to play, compete, and enjoy the newest set!

GeekFest Magic Artists

Geeks are taking over downtown Everett! Specifically, they’re flocking to Angel of the Winds Arena in downtown Everett July 19-21 for Geekfest West, a celebration of all things geeky.

Imagined as a street festival for the pop-culturally inclined, Geekfest will spread itself across the downtown area of Everett, from the Historic Everett Theatre to Hewitt Avenue to Angel of the Winds Arena to nearby hotels and club spots. Where else in Everett can you catch a burlesque show after visiting a comedy improv, all while grabbing some great food and drinks from a ton of food trucks?

Geekfest will feature an exhibitor’s hall and street fair with over 120 vendors, a food festival, live geek music, a wrestling ring on Hewitt, comedy shows featuring over 20 top acts from New York, California, and even our own back door headlined by Shayne Smith, plus a film festival with over 150 international short film submissions.

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We'll have an awesome prize wall for all our Magic events!

  • Oversized cards like Nissa Ascended Animist, Jace Perfected Mind, & more
  • Uncut sheets featuring Modern Horizons 3, Lord of the Rings, & more
  • Art prints (check out the sneak preview collage), including art by Chuck Lukacs- who will be in the same room as all our Magic events!

And of course: packs! Winning 3-0 in an event will earn you 400 prize tickets, which can be spent on most collector packs, while even losing every round will still get you 100 tickets- enough for a play or draft pack!