Meet the DMs

Meet Alex!

Alex has been a Dungeon Master for Zulu’s Board Game Cafe for 2 years and been playing on and off for over 11 years. He hosts regularly scheduled D&D 5e games as well as D&D 5e One Shot Adventures. He loves adding chaos to games and lets his players exercise their creativity to the extreme for zany whacky fun times! He enjoys surprising players with how crazy fun and easy a game of Dungeons and Dragons can get. He uses a high fantasy homebrew world and works on updating events and places for players to see. You can find that world here!

Meet Jason!

Jason has run and played role playing games for the last 30 years, running everything from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and nearly everything in between. He enjoys running long campaigns, but is just as happy running a one shot adventure. Jason has been running D&D for Zulu’s for the last 2 years, both for Young Adventurers and in a biweekly Zulu’s employee campaign. He enjoys working with players to craft their characters and backstories and to tell an epic story. His games take place in a custom setting inspired by world folklore, mythology, and fantasy literature that he has developed over time.

Meet Rob!

As a Dungeon Master the 3 things I value most in a game are, being ready for anything the players do, player agency, and having fun while creating an interesting story with the players. With 20 years of tabletop RPG experience under my belt I know there is no way to prepare for all the crazy ideas that the players will have, but that is one of the things I enjoy about running games. Time and again I am delighted to see what ideas and schemes the players come up with. When DMing I strive to make players feel a sense of agency over their character and the story itself. What I enjoy most is working with the players to create an interesting and engaging narrative. I look forward to going on adventures with you.

Meet Mike!

Mike has been playing D&D since about 2016 - not all that long, in the scheme of things.  But he’s really taken to it, enjoying the immersiveness of the worlds, the creativity that it allows, and the intensity of really diving into your character and battling.  He has run long-term and short-term homebrew games, is a regular player of Adventurer’s League here at Zulu’s and around the Seattle area, and has also run games at most of the conventions in the area, such as PAX West, Emerald City Comic Con, and Renfaire.  Mike’s adventures mostly take place in his own world called Terra, filled with countless sources of inspiration taken from across history, myth, literature, video games, tv, movies, and even music.

Meet Craig!

I have been a dedicated Game Master of multiple game systems for over 7 years, and am unendingly hungry to improve and perfect my craft. With me you will get games with a high level of presentation, patience and engagement with new players, and the flexibility to create a reactive and continuously enthralling experience.

I am most experienced with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and Lancer, but have experience in FATE, Vampire: The Masquerade (both V20 and 5th edition), Pathfinder 1st edition, and more. Any games I am not familiar with I am willing to learn, and the list of systems I am familiar with is constantly growing.

Meet Danny!

Danny has been a Dungeon Master since he began playing tabletop RPGs in 2017, both online and around the table. He's organized and run D&D Adventurers League at local tabletop gaming conventions such as Norwescon, Dragonflight, Emerald City Comic Con, and PAX West.

You can usually find him haunting (organizing) the Monday night D&D Adventurers League games at Zulu's. His game of choice is 5th Edition D&D. He enjoys high-fantasy adventure in the Forgotten Realms setting, stretching the rules of cool until they snap, and eating eggs whole. He is most assuredly not three kobolds stacked in a trench coat.