Meet the DMs

Meet Alex!

Alex has played D&D on and off for about 10 years. He’s always enjoyed reading through the books and coming up with cool stories to play through. Alex has been a Zulu’s Dungeon Master since the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020 and now runs games six days a week! His style of play is similar to a cartoon, where zany whacky fun can happen! Alex also enjoys adding to the heads-up display for the players to see and thoroughly feel like they’re in another world to help them understand who they’re talking to and where they are. He plays in a home brew setting and is very excited to start playing! 

Meet Jason!

Jason has run and played role playing games for the last 30 years, running everything from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and nearly everything in between. He enjoys running long campaigns, but is just as happy running a one shot adventure. Jason has been running D&D for Zulu’s for the last 2 years, both for Young Adventurers and in a biweekly Zulu’s employee campaign. He enjoys working with players to craft their characters and backstories and to tell an epic story. His games take place in a custom setting inspired by world folklore, mythology, and fantasy literature that he has developed over time.

Meet Rob!

As a Dungeon Master the 3 things I value most in a game are, being ready for anything the players do, player agency, and having fun while creating an interesting story with the players. With 20 years of tabletop RPG experience under my belt I know there is no way to prepare for all the crazy ideas that the players will have, but that is one of the things I enjoy about running games. Time and again I am delighted to see what ideas and schemes the players come up with. When DMing I strive to make players feel a sense of agency over their character and the story itself. What I enjoy most is working with the players to create an interesting and engaging narrative. I look forward to going on adventures with you.

Meet Vaughan!

Since middle school, Vaughan has been a big fan of tabletop roleplaying games. He enjoys seeing characters he plays and those he runs for develop as stories progress or take their twists and turns. He has great interest in a variety of settings and genres and hopes to explore them in long running campaigns. Vaughan strives to deliver captivating stories and interesting combats by upping stakes and creating memorable NPCs. He creates these stories in his own world that he’s been realizing for several years. After being a part of Zulu’s since early 2018, he’s ecstatic to dive even deeper into his passion!